Bargaining Update #12 – May 30, 2024

Today we had our 12th contract bargaining session with the University (and the third session this month!). We had an abbreviated meeting due to table team members on both sides feeling under the weather. Thanks to bargaining on Zoom, we continued to make good progress with productive counter proposals on some key issues. Read on below for the full update.

UC-AFT Proposals

Article 2 – Nondiscrimination

We presented a counter proposal that updates and aligns this article—which covers not only workplace discrimination but also sexual harassment, abusive conduct, and retaliation—with state law and University policies regarding academic freedom and free speech principles as they interact with such claims. We also seek to align with law and policy on off-duty usage of cannabis as a protected category, and procedural details for discrimination grievances not covered by other provisions of the MOU.

Article 4 – Definition, Criteria, Terms of Service for Appointment, Merit Increase, Promotion and Career Status

In this counter, we reassert the need for a modernized definition of the librarian series, adapting language from the current Academic Personnel Manual that was designed by LAUC and library administration in 2016. We also continue to insist on (accurately) calling out the peer committee as a component of the review process. Our counter also addresses two issues relating to the relatively rare circumstance of a termination after peer review: (1) we seek to finalize minimum standards for remediation plans (performance improvement plans), and (2) we offer an objective metric for “due notice” for termination. Finally, the counter refines the definition of “abbreviated review,” an option for those at the top of the Associate or Librarian rank who are not seeking merit advancement, promotion, or career status.

Article 5 – Personnel Review Action Procedure

We presented a counter proposal for Article 5, responding to the University’s most recent proposal from May 3. We’re largely in agreement for most of the language outlining the review process. We are still working to ensure procedural protections on any review that could lead to termination, such as career cases or reviews with performance questions.

Article 15 – Tuition/Fee Waiver

As mentioned in the last update, UC-AFT and the University are close to agreement on the reduced fees for enrollment in University classes. Our counter proposal today clarifies the terminology used by the University for the relevant fees.

University Proposals

Article 12 – Dues Deductions

It appears the University wishes to retain language that would limit UC-AFT’s ability to adjust our dues structure without imposing UC Path administration costs on the union. We’ll be exploring their counter proposal in more detail and work on a response. 

Upcoming Bargaining: June 10 on Zoom

We’re coming back for the next Zoom bargaining session on June 10th. UC-AFT will be hosting this session, so watch your email for an RSVP link soon. 

As our negotiations with the University have been productive, we’ve agreed to another one-month contract extension through June 30, 2024.

In solidarity, 

The UC-AFT Unit 17 Table Team

Kendra K. Levine, Bay Area, Chief Negotiator
I-Wei Wang, Bay Area
Timothy Vollmer, Bay Area
Jared Campbell, Davis
Mitchell Brown, Irvine
Xaviera Flores, Los Angeles
Miki Goral, Los Angeles
Joy Holland, Los Angeles
Jerrold Shiroma, Merced
Carla Arbagey, Riverside
Michael Yonezawa, Riverside
Tori Maches, San Diego
Laurel McPhee, San Diego
Jenny Reiswig, San Diego
Kristen LaBonte, Santa Barbara
Alix Norton, Santa Cruz
Tamara Pilko, Santa Cruz
Jess Waggoner, Santa Cruz