Librarian Contract Bargaining Update #1 – November 7, 2023

The UC-AFT Librarians table team crowded around a podium that says UC San Diego Library

Dear UC-AFT Unit 17 Librarians:

On November 7,2023  we met with the University to start negotiating our new contract in the iconic Geisel Library at UC San Diego. We gathered in the Seuss Room to finally meet face to face after months of preparation, joined by rank and file librarians from UCSD showing their support in the bargaining room.

The morning started around 10am with a round of introductions. It was an affirming reminder that our UC-AFT negotiating team includes incredible librarian expertise from across the UC. Our diverse experience and hard work clearly informs how we are bringing our collective issues to the table.

UC-AFT Chief Negotiator Kendra K. Levine made an opening statement that provided a clear call for why UC Librarians deserve a strong new contract:

“UC libraries are some of the best in the world, and librarians are critical to their success. We build collections, make knowledge accessible, curate and preserve rare material, teach students how to research and think critically about information resources, describe library material so that people can find what they need, and maintain the digital infrastructure that allows it all to happen seamlessly. Librarians are central to the success of the University: we ensure that our libraries contribute to the UC’s academic mission with expertise, care, and rigor.”

Then we passed UC-AFT’s proposals across the bargaining table (that is, presented in writing, sent via Word doc and PDF) for Articles 2 (Non-Discrimination), 6 (Personnel Files), and 24 (Grievance Procedure). Our goals with these proposals is to update our contract to reflect current UC policies and to clarify ambiguous language.  

The University then shared its proposals for Articles 22 (Holidays), 30 (Reasonable Accommodation), and 31 (Medical Separation).

Over lunch, the table team joined a group of UCSD librarians and allies outside the Library at the “I Vote for UC Librarians” tabling event.

We are pleased with a productive start to bargaining, and eager for what’s next. Reach out to your table team representatives for more details when you see us back on campus this week. Stay tuned for our next round of bargaining on December 4, 2023 in Berkeley.

If you haven’t yet cast your ballot, you can still Vote for UC Librarians! And please share the action with your colleagues and network.

In Solidarity,
The UC-AFT Unit 17 Table Team
Kendra K. Levine, Bay Area, Chief Negotiator
Timothy Vollmer, Bay Area
I-Wei Wang, Bay Area
Jared Campbell, Davis
Mitchell Brown, Irvine
Xaviera Flores, Los Angeles
Miki Goral, Los Angeles
Rachel Green, Los Angeles
Joy Holland, Los Angeles
Jerrold Shiroma, Merced
Carla Arbagey, Riverside
Michael Yonezawa, Riverside
Tori Maches, San Diego
Laurel McPhee, San Diego
Jenny Reiswig, San Diego
Kristen LaBonte, Santa Barbara
Alix Norton, Santa Cruz
Tamara Pilko, Santa Cruz
Jess Waggoner, Santa Cruz